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Indeed, Tantra Blog. Massage is a health session given to us by our ancestors, from which it breathes the wisdom of the East, The courage and ingenuity of the West, the mysticism of the Middle  Ages. Tantra massage in Milan with aroma oil will bring a lot of pleasure. sensual nude body to body is a part of tantric massage.

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Actually, massage session can begin in the shower and can be done with a partner, and will become an island of peace, comfort and harmony for you. Get delightful positive emotions, throwing off all the fatigue and stress. Let massage master take you into a word of pure romance and sensuality.

We are happy to become your Tantra Blog guide to the world of pleasure and health.

Lingam massage. Tantra Blog.

Lingam massage Milan

“Lingam: the male sexual organ.” They are the channels of creative energy and pleasure. What is the tantric lingam massage? Only through a loving approach to the lingam, your pleasure can be intensified and heal your sexual problems.

You feel an intense heat on your skin and you will experience the depths of your innermost spirituality. You will learn to control your breathing and to release energy exploding in new sensations of tantric pleasure.

The Lingam massage also affects the testicles, perineum and prostate. Men need to learn to relax and receive.

The Lingam Massage allows the man to try a form of pleasure which is not normally used.

A sweet experience that will make you more receptive and live a more pleasurable experience from a new perspective. The Art of Tantra teaches that there are many nerve endings on the Lingam that correspond to other parts of the body.

Massage with happy ending

As far as I know, oils that stimulate blood circulation (ginger, rosemary, oregano) are good to use in winter for warming, and to develop immunity to colds, it is good to use oils such as lavender, eucalyptus, tea tree and others. As for the fennel, geranium, tangerine, orange and lemon oils promote digestion, help fight excessweight, improve mood and internal balance of a person.

Tantra is Love

The ceremony of Professional and Classical massage in Milan the uniqueness, it has no contradiction and can be recommended for the whole adult population. 

Passion, energy, well being

With a wide range of aromatherapy methoods, the magical properties of aromas of which are not limited, you can use them individually, taking into account all the features of your health, psycholocial state, character and sensual mood. 

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So, deep tissue massage, similar to tantric, is becoming more and more popular in Milan. During a massage session, the therapist cooperates with the client and focuses on the area of ​​the body where the energy is blocked.
To tell the truth, therapeutic Spa massage usually ease your stress and body tension. However, sensuous massage offers you a combination of therapeutic Swedish massage, body to body massage intimacy, sensuous touch to evoke all your inner desires as well as Tantric and erotic massage techniques.
In general, the Massage Therapist conducts the session in such a way as to stimulate the blood circulation and inspire the patient, and also release tension from the patient.

Sensual Milan. Hotel outcall service. It goes without saying, possibility of essential oil are not limimted. Aroma oil actively influence the emotions and psychological state also helps to overcome stress, depressive disorders, complex psychological problems and complexes.

Of course, Massage is the sliding of the hands over the skin with minimal or more intense pressure.
-It should also be added that any massage should always be performed towards the heart.

Milan oil massage for men, women,and couple too. An aromatic oil specially formulated to create the perfect mood. The sensual fragrance consists of a blend of jasmine, lavender, sweet orange and sandalwood.

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Our masseuses provides a unique body to body relaxing massage using all her body in the most stimulating and sensual way possible. She will take good care of every inch of your body while you relax and ensure you thoroghly enjoy a spectacular Lingam massage releasing all your inner tension on her curvaceous and sexy body. We promice you will not forget and will be screaming for more.